C-Topia for Cryptopia App Reviews

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Great idea, terrible stability

The app continues to crash after I enter my PIN code.


There are far superior apps available, I purchased this app thinking I would be able to actually trade crypto within the app. Waste of money! You want a 5 Star review? 1) Get me trading in the App. 2) Get a more user friendly way to login. 3) I want stochastic, Bollinger Bands, MSI etc...

Good App

It's honestly one of the best apps I‘ve downloaded, and the creators can take feedback like adults without defending themselves, 5-star app and 5-star creator(s)

Crashing on candlestick

So far it’s ok but as soon as I click candlestick for some of the pairs like AC3BTC it crashes. Also when I interact with the chart I was hoping to see the detail of that time but it doesn’t do that. Finally I can zoom/pinch the charts but there’s no time in the X axis.

Works perfectly

I can watch the prices if everything on the go! I wish I could put trade orders in the app. Amazing app‼️ Best download ever, money is worth it.

Does not allow you to access to trade

You do not get what is expected of an app that is presented in this way. A scam for all I am concerned.

Doesn’t work for me

I can’t get any charts to load or work. The app looks nice and looks like it would be great if I could get it to work.

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